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Medicinal Herbs
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What Customers are Saying

Nausea Tamer Tea

"This tea is great! It has a nice herbal peppermint taste and it settled my stomach quickly. I could tell a lot of care went into making and packaging it!"

Rest & Relax Tincture

"This tincture worked so well! It made me very relaxed and I've slept well every night I've taken it. "

Skin Ointment & Shave Butter

"Everything arrived quickly and packaged nicely. They all smell great too. Not too strong or overpowering!"

Uplift & Chill Tinctures

Both Uplift and Chill have helped me so much. I have frontal lobe lesions from my MS that can really mess with my emotions and Uplift has helped me with the funk I have been falling into for months. I take chill before bed or after I have done a lot of walking or standing to get the muscles in my legs to settle down and stop being twitchy. These have been so much more helpful than prescription meds. Thank you so much.

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